2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Finally my desire and my fingers are working together. I entered your realm to learn more about you. How grateful I am that you and Dave visited me sharing such an enriching experience of life. Lost to me? Not a chance. God knows what adventures life will bring. What the visit meant to me was family is never lost. You have been in my heart all the while. Imagining how you grew up, the life you live, who you are. I am privileged to call you cousin. Exploring family ties has been a goal and God made it happen. Dave’s interest in genealogy has touched life for me in such a momentous way. All things come together for good. This month I will meet with members of my father’s family for the second time in my life. Keep on sharing and posting pictures with your prose. I enjoyed seeing my aunt and uncle’s pictures. Blessings and healing Light always, Diane


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