Hope For Ever-After

A marriage conference is coming soon. Dave and I will not be going. If we haven’t figured out how to get along with each other after 50-plus years of marriage, it ain’t gonna happen. Fortunately, we have and are living in our ever-after years.

Or are you living in coexistence and feel those conferences only rock the boat? You’re at the point where it’s better to live and let live; neither of you willing to change, and this way no one gets hurt.

Consider this: marriage requires a license. It’s a document that confirms medical tests have been passed, no DNA issues will cause concern.

According to the Concise Oxford American Dictionary a license is issued by an authority to own, use, or do a particular thing. This covers a myriad of things:

  • Driver’s license, learning and obeying traffic laws. This keeps others safe from harm.
  • Liquor license, of age and with proper training. Including how to handle alcoholics from harming themselves and others.
  • Electrician’s license, must be trained and abide by state regulations. Making homes and businesses a safe environment.

           I have only named a few, but you get the idea. Safety from harm. I tie this to marriage because there is more that you may not have considered.. The paperwork is signed by witnesses that each party will be devoted to each other for life. Only death should break the contract.

Prior to death, breaking the contract can inflict harm.  I don’t have to elaborate on how, and I understand there are legitimate reasons for divorce. I merely want to consider that it is the death of a relationship. As with a natural death, it takes time to heal from the hurt and loss.

Among the many things we see on a daily basis, our Creator also designed relationship. With others and with him. He gives us free license to choose how we live, with or without him. He more than prefers to have a friendship with us, it is his heart’s desire. The fact is, he created us for a couple reasons; relationship and to tell others about him.

How can others be told if there is no relationship? It takes two people, each having a responsibility in maintaining it. I am here to tell you; our Creator always keeps his word. Refer to the Good Book to see what his part is. It is all good.

Some may argue that point. Life can hand out some hard things. I have cracked open the book a few times and have read things saying, ‘I have a plan for you, I will lead you, I will provide for you…’

I cannot begin to list them all. But I can say those things can happen in a supernatural way. Like any relationship, it requires faith, trust and yes, there is hope.

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