A Love Life

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Silly me, I thought I was over it. But not so.

 My friend invited me to a quilt show recently; only to learn I continue to love fabric and quilts. A vast array of finished quilts were on display for us to ogle. Finished, what a concept! That alone was worthy of admiration. I fall short in the completion process.

So much beauty in one room dazzled me as we meandered up one row and down the other. We visitors were to select a favorite from each size range; as if I were any expert. That is when my rebellious side makes an appearance. I can’t select just one; I wrote down all my favs. The judges can sort out winners; there were so many in my mind’s eye.

There was a day I considered myself a quilter. A season in life that never quite lived up to my expectations. Hence, a fair amount of frustration came out of my quilt room. My dearly beloved, Dave, always said I was too hard on me.

Do you ever get disappointed at yourself? It’s a genuine no-fun zone. This world offers so much to fall in love with, too many to mention. What comes to your own mind as you read these words may be true in your life. The thing is in time it will probably come short of your expectations, just as my quilting did for me.

The problem is twofold; nothing on earth lasts forever. The other is it takes your mind off really important things. Like a life after death. Its real. Whether in agreement or not, I say that with confidence because scripture says so. I have yet to see where anything in the Good Book is false.

Today, I patch words together instead of fabric pieces. It too, is a lot of work, but find myself at greater peace. The difference is a contrast between what I wanted to excel at versus the direction Jesus was leading me. Need I mention he carries more weight in decision-making?

Not long ago I heard a speaker making a point of how easily a person can get wrapped up in their own desires that they become ‘deaf’ to the importance of an afterlife. For too many years I could relate.

Years of church-going has enlightened me. It’s a unique place to go hear truth spoken; a refreshing place that gives generous doses of encouragement. While so much of the world is at odds, with other countries, within our own fifty states, down to our schools, even neighbors who may disagree. We don’t have to look far to recognize war time.

Spoiler alert. God wins! I urge you to hear what Jesus’ dad has to say about life. It is both scary and full of hope at the same time. Well worth the time to read for yourself.

9 thoughts on “A Love Life

    1. It is of utmost importantance to me that others see what God sees in them. He loves us all no matter our past, he desires to make a
      new and better future.


    1. Mom’s Uncle Charlie voiced that sentiment when many a time when he had a disagreement with what was clearly God’s plan.


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