Vintage Blessings

© jb katke
© jb katke

Circumstance can be better than they appear.

Looking online, I see class trips after a high school graduation remain alive and well. Did I have one? No. The high school I graduated from was brand new; mine was the second graduating class. There was a reason. There is always a reason for things.

Neighborhoods were sprouting everywhere. Young families with fresh mortgages lacked funds to send their child to a far-away destination just to click a few snapshots for the memory book.

Obviously, I have survived the lack of opportunity.

Spring break season for college students is over. These young’uns are not even degreed graduates, but off they go to pleasure island. Wherever that is. Some off to their death, I should say.

Seven of them, I couldn’t keep counting, I know there is more, but it’s too depressing. These college attendees didn’t return home. Whatever the cause, death seems premature for them, not even getting started in life. The pain of loss is incredible.

Because I didn’t go to college, another missed memory for me. Maybe I should be grateful because I am still alive. And making memories of another sort.

Fast forward to my marriage with no honeymoon. At the time, it was okay. Later on, not so much. I was thrilled to have my man under the same roof forever. Many times’ I have reminded myself of that contentment. It works every time.

It’s been said we could take our honeymoon later. No!

Traveling together later is a vacation, not a honeymoon. I will let your imagination define the difference. We have traveled together more times than I can count and I am grateful for that.

The thing is, it’s all about viewpoint. Mine is a lot of hindsight. There are so many hurts and missed opportunities in life. The stuff we cannot explain the whys of.

But repeating my words above, there is a reason.

A picture is worth a thousand words. How many times I have heard that! And licked my wounds because I had no pictures. However, the lens of a camera doesn’t catch everything. The circumstances that bring us to where we are today. It would be in our best interest to remember that.

To realize there is a God who does know and understands us becomes invaluable. Heck, he made us the people we are. Circumstances have his stamp of approval because he knows what is best. That is why he designed a special place inside each of us that only he can fill to satisfaction. Did you know that?

The Good Lord knows what it will take for us to turn to him. Sometimes it can hurt if I hold onto things so tightly that I should let go. Instead of being bitter, feel protected. He is higher and has a better view of what is ahead for us. He holds tears and heals hurts. That’s a fact.

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