A Necessary Day


© jb katke

The views expressed are mine, but I am not the only one.

I have become the person I would try to avoid in my younger years. I used to dread talking with people that were forever bringing up God. Is this you?

Today, Good Friday, is one of necessity. It’s a mixed bag of people that would agree or disagree with me. All of us have our reasons.

When I was a child the airwaves of Good Friday were filled with television shows coming from churches. No more; today is just another ordinary day. Only it isn’t.

I won’t go into the details of Jesus’ death. I have briefly mentioned them in my previous blog, The How of Jesus.

The world, in its’ early days was perfect. One guy, Adam, jacked it up, making us all suffer. Jesus knows.

His plan was to be in friendship with his creation. If feelings are not mutual and you’ve experienced rejection from others; you have a feel for what I am saying. Jesus knows.

A real concern these days is loneliness. Jesus knows.

Being out in public has become dangerous with the fear of being beaten. Jesus knows.

Children mocking their peers can grow into mocking adults when you are misunderstood. Jesus knows.

As Jesus hung on that cross, he felt all of the above. But knew it was necessary. The Good Book says the only way we can have that friendship with Jesus is for him to die a martyrs’ death. He did it willingly.

After his death, he sent the Holy Spirit so that we can experience a peace that the world cannot offer. All this for the opportunity to have a relationship with him and ultimately an eternity together; to live in perfection. It wasn’t a good day for Jesus, but it was a necessary one for you and I.

This Sunday we will be full of thanksgiving because Jesus rose from the dead and is alive and loving us still. Feel free to join in the celebration.

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