All Things (K)New

© jb katke

Have you noticed the change?

No perhaps not. You have not been aware of the tan walls in my writing room, they are blue now.

The change makes me feel like the outdoors has entered in bringing fresh air inside. It renews the spirit, making me anticipate impactful words coming out of my keyboard.

Why can’t I feel that specialness every day? Each one is unique and cannot be repeated. No doubt, it is because of so much ordinary going on.

There is work to be done, schedules to keep, appointments made, and obligations. The list is endless. Too many ‘to-dos’ drown out the extraordinary moments. If you are like me, I make mental notes but then forget to remember them.

I have similar moments when in church. Not everyone would be in agreement with me. A relative once told me, “I can’t go to church when I see so many hypocrites there.”

Duly noted. But rather than point fingers, I see folks like me, that screw up from time-to-time. Bloopers happen.

Hypocrites are aware of their words and actions. Whereas a Jesus follower can forget their humanness. Letting poor company plant a bad seed in the mind, allowing it to ooze into the heart where it eventually spills out of the mouth. It benefits no one.

It happens to the best of us. That is why church-going is priceless. I need a reminder that Jesus sees me for who I really am. He knows I’m gonna screw up once in a while. That is the reason behind his death on a cross. To forgive.

It’s all about redeeming and making new. His forgiveness brings fresh air into a life. The spirit is renewed and feels energized to make each day count for something. The change happens inside, but is visible outside.

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