The How of Jesus

© jb katke

Easter season has arrived, putting us in the middle of what is known as Holy Week.

Does your week feel holy? Mine doesn’t either. But a lot went on, oh so many years ago.

We know it’s not another day in Paradise. A Paradise that once was. It can make one pause, wondering what happened?

Evil entered the scene. You and I have seen a lot of that and possibly been a part of wrongdoing.  Because God is holy, and cannot dwell with sin, he left our planet.

I can assure you Easter is not about the coloring of eggs or hiding them. Nor a bunny. Last week my blog, Marital Death, featured the why of Jesus. Today I ponder the how of Jesus.

He and his dad could be considered a mystery were it not for the Good Book. Because our finite minds cannot grasp all the info his book carries, some things remain a mystery. Like the son Jesus, the father God, and Holy Spirit all being One Person. From cover-to-cover God reveals himself, speaks of creation, zeros in on people groups, moving on to families and their foibles. He continues covering religious scholars and sending his son to earth on a mission.

That mission was when things turned ugly. Really ugly. Jesus was not well received by everyone. His words came across as outrageous, calling himself the Son of God. People were clinging to his message of hope, putting the religious leaders of that time into a snit.  He was perfect in every way; the religious scholars were not. They felt the man must be stopped.

By way of an unfair trial, mocked for who he claimed to be; defying him to save himself. Jesus endured a beating of leather straps with bone on the end tearing into his back. Thirty-nine lashes was the norm, just one short of what often brought death.

He was forced to carry his instrument for death, a cross, on his shredded back. His wrists and feet were nailed, yes, nailed to that cross. As if that wasn’t enough, observers watched as Jesus struggled to breathe; taking pleasure in his suffering.

But there were things that didn’t meet the eye. They did not see that Jesus endured this willingly- for them. For you and for me too. Jesus knew this day was coming, he knew what his mission was and the why of it. It was the only way to bring a forever life with God to the people he loved so much. Another thing that went unseen. Jesus carried the weight of all the sin this world has to offer.

Think on that. Jesus took the blame for all of it so that we wouldn’t have to suffer for the absence of God. How did he do it? I don’t like to suffer. It hurts, its hard. Why would anyone intentionally desire to suffer? Jesus holds mankind in high esteem, making it worth it all. More than worth it, necessary.

That isn’t the end of story. Gods’ will cannot be stopped. He didn’t stay dead; he rose from the grave; you might say he disappeared into thin air. Jesus had made a promise. That when he left the world he would send a helper, the Holy Spirit. That spirit gives us what we need. Hope, patience, perseverance and endurance to live like him.

Such as, believing this story which isn’t a story at all, it’s for real.   You can believe it just like you believe in the aforementioned egg. There is the shell, the yolk, and the egg white. Three in one. Just because you can’t visualize God doesn’t make him nonexistent. Gods’ presence is all around us; the harder we look, the more we see him. Consider the wind and waves of the ocean. We can’t explain where it comes from or where its going, but we feel it.

Nor is it by accident that we honor Jesus’ death in the spring. New life is showing itself  with trees budding and flowers breaking the earth. New life is the why and how of Jesus; he brings purpose and meaning to our life with an anticipation for a future with him. A new and improved you!

It’s about relationship. It means living in Paradise forever, with God, Jesus and a whole lot of folks that may have prayed for you. Lets’ face it, we all have heavy burdens to carry. That Holy Spirit strengthens us to keep on keeping on.

By the way, Jesus continues to love us.