A Colanders Life

© jb katke

My thoughts today are trite and realize not everyone can identify with these words. I guess with Mothers’ Day coming up it takes me back to my pre-mom days.

Back in the dark ages of my engagement, brides used to register for items needed to set up housekeeping. The only store that offered that service was our then upscale JL Hudson department store. It was a time when bridal showers were a popular thing. Do they even exist anymore?

Today brides can register at stores that carry all manner of things. A wish list may comprise of camping gear, all the way to tires for the car. How exciting is that?!

My list was focused on linens, cookware, and all variety of setting up housekeeping. Among my selections was a stainless-steel colander. Grandma Andrews considered that an over-the-top request when one could easily pick up a plastic one at the local discount store. Why she thought that was unreasonable I don’t know; her daughter, my Aunt Jane shopped there all the time.

I was gifted with the colander and am pleased to tell you it is with me as I speak. Grandmas’ colander didn’t stand the test of time as it was in the early days of plastic and melted from getting too close to the heat. Mine may show a few scratches but is working as good as the day I got it.

If it could talk, it would tell you of all our family moves. Starting out in our first home, a 12×60 mobile home, heading south to the mud flat duplex that we obtained by default. Back north to a couple military apartments that were converted barracks, returning to our home state for several years. Only to move south again to a few residences in Kansas.

That speaks only of the housing. It was there to welcome all three of our children; never complaining about moving over to make room for a bottle sterilizer and food mill to make homemade baby food. She watched those little ones of mine grow up. She was sitting on the counter witnessing our sons’ face getting washed by an overjoyed pup so happy her boy was home from his paper route.

She was on call if our 8-yr old needed her as she and a friend tackled making chocolate chip cookies by themselves. Unneeded but available just the same. Our family colander sat in on the conversation of our youngest learning that Santa Claus was really we parents providing Christmas gifts for the children we love.

Today our colander has a sibling, a smaller rendition, also stainless steel,  that fits our lifestyle now that we are empty-nesters. Time marches on, circumstances change and our needs are not the same. I’m just passing through this life, enroute to my forever home.

In the future our family colanders may move to one of the kids homes, or maybe the home of our grandchildren. It makes me realize that all the things that fill our home, essential as they may be at the time, will no longer be needed. Children beware, these colanders are just the tip of the iceberg!

Happy Mothers’ Day to mothers everywhere! Enjoy what you have today, even if your littles tend to be as messy as mine were. Jesus will be there giving you the patience required to train up these adults-in-training. This is my way of saying the day will come when you miss them and look back with fond memories of what all they put you though. Momma, you are a survivor!