What’s In a Day?

  © jb katke

Here is the potential of opening a can of worms.

Every day is some kind of day. That could be considered a deep thought for a shallow mind.

Somebody, somewhere decided to make each day of the year a national observance of something. I mean the nondescript observances that for the most part are irrelevant to our life.

For instance, National Banana Cream Pie Day, or National Cheese Doodle Day. What is a cheese doodle? Never have I started my day thinking of pies. Who makes this stuff up and for that matter who determines the day of note?

From what I gather it is the United States Congress.

It seems there are lots more issues that need attention than banana cream pie day. Can I hear an Amen?

I have already missed a really good one, National Old Stuff Day. Who among us doesn’t have old stuff. This spring I hope to unload a bunch of my old stuff with a garage sale. My track record thus far has not been good.  No one wants my old stuff.

Another missed observance was National Son Day. I have a son and am mighty proud of him. I try to let him know how much he means to his dad and I, but will let him have the deciding vote. The point is there must be sons out there who don’t get the feels of appreciation. So, a special day is set aside for him. That is a sad commentary.

Is there a National Daughters Day too? If I don’t ask, I may miss that as well. I have a couple of them and dread the thought they may think I’m not proud of them as well. But then, if I did, at least I would be giving the kids equal billing…no observance of sons and daughters at all. Except for those moments when I verbally tell them how special they are. I have been on a words kick lately; that may give more meaning than a mandated day of observance.

There are some days that concern me. Lets’ just focus on this month, March. Many of the days share special observances, they must, there are only so many days in the year. And sooo many subject matters. Take for instance the 13th. Its National Good Samaritan Day, Open an Umbrella Indoors Day and Napping Day. Does this indicate one can only be a do-gooder one day a year, and what is with opening an umbrella indoors mean? What about only being able to take a nap one day a year? Mothers of little people would take issue with that one for sure.

There is even a day set aside for True Confessions. The Good Book says to confess our sins whatever the day is.

March 16th might be much appreciated for No Selfies Day. You already know what you look like.  

Sorry but the 18th has already been spoken for. It’s National Supreme Sacrifice Day. The supreme sacrifice has already been accomplished by Jesus, who died for the wrongs of the world. Ya can’t get any bigger or wide covering than that.

Do we need a day set aside for Common Curtesy Day? If so, it’s the 21st of the month. Everyone should love the 22nd, National Good Off Day. Many may get the two days mixed up with daily patterns.

Why would we need National Weeds Day on the 28th of March? In my part of the country, we may still be waiting for the snow to melt away. This year there are parts of the country that will agree with that clear into June!

The 30th is another day of shared observances, National Pencil Day and National I Am In Control Day. If you are in control, how come pencils have erasers? Just a thought.

But what about today? It has to be recognizing something. It is, it’s National Be Heard Day. Everyone has an opinion on something and feels the need to let others know about it.

Are you listening to me? Here is my message to you:

Let your children know how much you love them, no matter how old they are. Show kindness daily, forget opening an umbrella indoors, it’s of no purpose. Regardless of the day if you feel sleepy take a nap, but not at work. Admit it when your wrong, especially to the Lord, he already knows it but confession soothes the soul. Thank Jesus for his supreme sacrifice. Try not to goof off, time is precious, instead show some curtesy to those who don’t deserve it. Pull out some unwanted weeds. Pencils excel over pens; words can be erased when we realize we are not in control.