What Pictures Portray

 © jb katke

I don’t have enough fingers to count how many years, my husband Dave, and I went without a camera. During those years, we purchased several cameras for our children. It was on their wish list at Christmas time, and we parents do like to please our kids.

The problem was, they did not always take pictures of what we would. Hence, few memories to look back on. Birthdays, holidays, and some vacations went by undocumented. The beauty of photos is, they remind you of past events. Aside from their reaching adulthood, we have little to prove the kids really did grow up.

Those were the days prior to the cell phones we have today; I don’t have to list the attributes of these pocket phones; you know. Today people take pictures of their meal, as if it was important enough to look back on in years to come.

It’s been said that, ‘A picture can say a thousand words.’ Recently the two of us, along with our daughters family, visited a local exhibit, Auschwitz. It was a sobering experience to see the multitude of pictures displaying the evil mankind is capable of. Just inside the exit door of the exhibit was this above sign I share with you.

Pictures cannot lie. I can’t imagine anything worse than what these people endured. Yet here we are; with injustice happening again. Televisions are bringing in our living room the pictures of the devastation in Ukraine for the whole world to see. It is hard to comprehend.

What is even harder to grasp, is why the Lord is allowing this to happen. Who can know the mind of God? Based on what I have read in the Good Book, this is not a new thing. Wars and rumors of wars have been going on from the beginning of time. Power overcoming another.

It becomes a situation of survival of the fittest. I cannot see an end in sight. But I know it will eventually end because the Good Book says nothing on earth will last forever.  That can bring to mind the question, is there a world where things will last forever?

That I can answer. Yes. Referring to the Good Book again, we can read that the Lord has prepared a place for us to live eternally…if we want to. It has everything we yearn for now, peace, unity, contentment, love, good health, joy, and much more. We will want for nothing, but you have to desire what he has to offer.

What I am speaking of is God’s house. His place is like yours, in that, not everyone is allowed entry. Just as you would not desire for anyone evil to come in and ruin the aforementioned, or trash your home; the same goes with the Lord.  Try not to wait too long in deciding whether you want that or not, much can happen in the meantime.

In order to trust him, you gotta read what he promises; then hang your faith there. He has the final word and even tells us all become good in his time. The best is yet to be if we cling to him.

This, coming from a seasoned worrier; I have finally learned it accomplishes nothing.

Oh No!

©jb katke

How could such a thing happen?

Recently, I and my table members had our picture taken at our last meeting of the season. Wonderful women, all of them. But do you ever wish when having your picture taken, that someone else could stand in for you?

After seeing the pic, I realized that somehow, it was my aunts’ image that showed up unannounced.  Pretty tricky, seeing how she is deceased.  The horror of it all indicates that I look just like her. Here I was, worried about looking like my mother! Now this…

Upon showing the picture to my husband, he snickered, “You can’t deny family heritage.” I can if I want, until stuff like this happens. You don’t have to scold me for focusing too much on myself, I’m aware.

I realize there is a benefit to having your picture taken. At the risk of sounding morbid, go to any funeral and you will see what I mean. Pictures of the deceased are posted on a big screen. That is beneficial for others to see you in better, happier times. It leaves a vivid memory of a life well lived.

That very thing is what made my husband a believer of photos. When his father passed away, there were few pictures of him. Reason being, his dad was the one taking pictures of everyone else. While my husband is not a fan of standing in front of the camera, he is far more tolerant of it so the rest of us can enjoy images of him in the future. Gratitude abounds here.

I go so far as to agree with him, therefore allowing others to take my picture. Unfortunately, I have protested so many shots of myself, I’ve frightened others, It’s just easier to not take my picture. All I ask is for them to pass my approval. I take horrible pictures.

 Half-jokingly I request showing my good side, and turn my back to the camera. “Oh no, they say, it looks just like you!” My heart and self-image take a beating.

Because I love words, I would rather others described me by word instead of image.  That’s what Jesus did you know? From cover to cover, his book is of words describing himself without any pictures.

But, speaking of images, he took them on. He came to earth looking like his creation, so that we could relate to him.  While here, he took the image of God, for all to see his dad’s holiness. Finally, he took on our wrongs, so that we could have free access to eternity with perfection.

Imagine, an eternity of looking perfect!