Reflection Time

© jb katke

Did you miss me? Last week I neglected to post a blog. Accidently on purpose.

I hadn’t forgotten, I just struggled to put into words what I wanted to say. Why? Because I couldn’t speak from experience. My aim is to share what I’ve come to know or experienced. It’s always real. I invite you to follow me, if you need a little hope or humor in your life.

That I can speak on.

This topic that didn’t come to be last week was something I only know exists. To write with any kind of knowledge I must give it due diligence in research or interview others. Time did not allow for that. At some future date I may give it the attention it deserves, but not now.

Sometimes silence is better than going off an untraveled road. Our world today is full of folks that take joy in sharing their opinion; whether asked or not. Uncontrolled words can get us in a heap of trouble. I grew up with the saying that ‘Silence is golden.’

This picture includes my reflection in the mirror behind me. That is too often the case with saying what is on our mind. It reflects who we are. Another saying goes like this, ‘One may look foolish; but opening their mouth removes all doubt.’ Some things are better left unsaid.

If only I could live by that!

Back when I had teenagers under my roof, one was giving me a little sass. The older one chastised her sibling, “Don’t you talk to mom like that!” Immediately, she whirled around saying, “Who said that?!

Are you ever surprised at what comes out of your mouth, wondering where that came from?

I look upon that day with fondness. Let it be said I got a fair amount of sass from both of them once in a while. What made the difference?

Motherhood. It changes our viewpoint, does it not?

I try to keep in mind what others have experienced that I have not. I don’t have to understand it. Just respect it, acknowledge that it is a reality.

This is why I appreciate you. My faithful followers let me elaborate what having faith in Jesus is to me.  It’s a reality that is so good that I wish it for others. The problem is I cannot coerce anyone to take that step forward. Ya gotta want it for yourself.

Spoiler alert: Life with Jesus brings change, but not as one might expect. What we look upon as bad things, may still happen. The difference is our response. To trust is to experience Jesus making the hard things bearable. I used to wallow in my sorrow. Now I tend to look not only for the good, but what I can learn from the experience.

One portion of the good news is people who have suffered have the most potential to ease life experiences for those around them. It’s a Jesus thing that begs to be shared because there is so much more to be had.